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Raku, which dates back to the 16th century, is a slow baking method, in the open air, using special furnaces. The lexical meaning of Raku is “fun” and “tranquility”. In this technique, very special outcomes are achieved with the use of the natural methods and the four elements.


Sagar (lexical meaning “the guardian”), is the oldest baking method dates back 30,000 years. The ceramic is baked either in folio or in sagar boxes. The sagar box or the folio is filled with oxides, salt, sawdust, leaves and onion skins…. Eventually, one observes the impact of these materials on the ceramic.

Naked Raku

In the Naked Raku technique, the ceramics are baked after the application of an undercoat. While the ceramic is still hot, splashing water on the product creates a thermal schock which produces cracks and crusts on the surface. It is then left for cooling and eventually the surface gets cleaned/polished.

Horse Tail

In the horse tail technique, horse tail hairs are placed on a hot ceramic. Burned hairs create unique forms on the product.


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